Monday, December 14, 2009

Bonjour Summer

top three things I like about summer:
1. daylight saving - being able to do more for longer
2. sleeping/fruit
3. the all round happier mood

top three things I don't like about summer:
1. mosquitoes
2. flies
3. small winged insects that suck blood and make you itchy

let me know what you like/dislike


  1. you have summer now...

    oh gosh, i know i'd be moaning about mosquitos and the other shit, but please, i SO SO SO want summer here!!

    what i love in summer is light. slower films, longer days, more occasions to shoot.
    and it differ in diffrent times of a day.
    now it's only bad - cause it's gloomy and cloudy (or snows, for god's sake!) or just dark.

    photos from last post are so peaceful... so something i really want right now... great portraits:) use your summer for me, too:)

  2. Hi Vanessa,

    My top 3 likes:
    1. Longer hours
    2. Clothes dry faster
    3. Summer fruit - esp mango

    Top 3 dislikes:
    1. Heat
    2. Heat
    3. Heat

  3. I love sleeping in, reading all day and those nights when all you can do is relax and eat fruit.

    I don't like the fact that summer always flies away, the days can get really hot and the bugs that come out of hiding.

  4. Like: balmy evenings, reading (books + blogs), seafood

    Dislike: humidity, sunburn, crowds

  5. like
    1.not having to plan anything in particular with friends, but it feels like your still doing something (..i hope that makes sense)
    2.sleeping with the window open
    3.not being expected to look fabulous in 35degree+ weather

    1.automatically tanning skin
    3.being too hot to move