Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Emily H

When you think of fire, what is the first thing you think of putting in it?
I love playing with fire so probably just stupid things to see what would happen, like fire crackers or something. Food could also be interesting, like corn seeds, to see if it makes it pop.

top three movies?
1. Stand By Me- It’s got anything I could ever want: a hot guy (River Phoenix), great sexual innuendos and banter and that whole coming-of-age theme.
2. Thirteen- Teenage experimentation gone too far.
3. The Bone Collector- Great plot and actors.

Who were you when you were 5?
I was thoroughly regretting asking my mum for a sibling, I honestly had the sister from hell when she was a baby. Actually she hasn’t improved. I loved to climb things and feed ducks at Centennial Park. I remember pre-school as being a great time too.

Style icon: Effy from the TV series Skins, she’s got this whole chic gothic/punk look that I would kill to be able to pull off.