Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dust Storm in Sydney

"This is unprecedented. We are seeing earth, wind and fire together,"
- Dick Whitaker (The Weather Channel)

This morning Sydney was submerged in a red dust storm from Outback Australia. Despite disrupting ferries and flights and harming peoples' health condition, it is one of the most amazing experiences.
Thanks Nicola and Carla - if it weren't for you two I would've missed this phenomena.

It's like living in a sepia photograph.
all photos from the Sydney Morning Herald.


  1. it looks amazing... but was it really dangerous? cause you say you went to watch it.
    the middle photo - fantastic work:)

  2. I inhaled so much dust today - yikes!

    Also, when will the wind stop? I'm starting to get cold.

  3. Miss Maple -
    haha I actually meant that I would've slept through it and missed even getting a glimpse! as it happened very early this morning.
    I didn't go to see it (it was everywhere - there's even some dust in my hallway) in specific places, the photos are from the Sydney Morning Herald (newspaper) as credited at the bottom.