Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Claire W

Claire - COFA, hair and lovely.

what are you?: I am the creepy girl who laughs at her own jokes and hates meeting computer illiterate people. Also I'm somewhat of a secret snob. But don't tell anyone.

worst phase you've ever gone through: when I forgot the name for Klingons. It was excruciating.

top five bands: Radiohead; From First to Last will always have a place in my heart whether or not I listen to them on a regular basis; the first album of My Chemical Romance, I Brought You My Bullets, I Brought You My Love; the Waifs.

let's play a game, you say what first comes to your mind:
photo - shop
warhol - dandy
the spice girls - childhood
onomatopoeia - boom
the beatles - volkswagon
pokemon - mornings
oxford st - gay bar
septum piercing - oxford st
freud - ean
busker - yell-o-phone

one outfit for the rest of your life: my light blue skinnie jeans; black flates; my purple v-neck; red belt on my waist that my mum gave me and my black and white striped scarf and my black cardigan. And that long silver necklace I got from the Smithsonian Institute.


  1. Wow...I remember that hair!

    Very lovely interview.

  2. I so agree for the Radiohead - saw them yesterday and felt love for them again, it's so refreshing:) And this word play - yay!

    And, I'd love to thank you for such nice words at my place (blogspot lacks RE button?) and the idea. The artistic chaos you wrote is nice, but I really can't create one. :)