Sunday, August 23, 2009

Adam Black

photographed by Jay Murrin.

Adam can speak spanish. Very well.

what do you do?: journalist student at UTS

what do you want to do in life?: be a foreign correspondent. / Anywhere./ South America.


  1. So you're collecting people, right? I love such interactions with people but usually I'm nit that brave to do them:| If I had a little courage I'd shoot well-dressed (at least in my opinion) people in my city:)

  2. haha, yes I'm collecting people, and putting their hearts in jars and wearing their skin! Joking.

    I would love to photograph people with good fashion and will try to do so when I can. I also intend to write about music, food and all other influences on my life. but who influences my life more than people?

    thanks for your thoughts.

    xxx Vanessa

  3. Wow. It's amazing how people can make you think...I admire Adam for his life goals!